Spotting a Sick Tree and Things You Can Do About It


Trees are living things, and like all living things, they can become unwell and die before their time. If any of your trees become unwell, it's important to take preventative action as soon as possible. Identifying and fixing a diseased or damaged tree within a timely fashion is very important. If left unchecked, the tree can easily fall or drop large branches, which have the potential to hurt you, your family and damage your property.

23 October 2018

4 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid


Over time, tree branches and leaves can grow and become unsightly and may even extend to your neighbour's property. That's why routine maintenance is important, especially for trees growing on residential and commercial properties. Tree lopping and pruning may help restore your yard back to a neat, beautiful and safe state. Sadly, some trees are subjected to lousy maintenance through incorrect cutting and pruning practices, and this eventually ruins their growth potential, causing them to die.

11 January 2018