Tall Trees in Tight Spaces: How to go About Safely Removing Them


When assessing a tree on your property, tall does not necessarily mean dangerous. However, tall trees that are in poor health or prone to dropping branches, will need to be removed before they pose a threat to you and your home. As long as there is enough room for a tree to fall into, it can be cut down in the standard manner. However, when it comes to especially tall trees that are surrounded on all sides by structures, a more advanced approach is necessary.

26 December 2017

City Managers: 4 Tips to Keep the Trees Lining Your Roads Safe


If you are a city manager, you have to juggle countless tasks, and that includes ensuring that the trees lining your town's roads are safe. Wondering what that entails? Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction: 1. Schedule Regular Pruning Pruning is essential from an aesthetic perspective to keep trees looking vibrant and healthy, but it's also important from a safety perspective. If you don't lop off dead branches, in particular, they could easily fall on pedestrians or vehicles during high winds or storms.

4 July 2017