Tall Trees in Tight Spaces: How to go About Safely Removing Them


When assessing a tree on your property, tall does not necessarily mean dangerous. However, tall trees that are in poor health or prone to dropping branches, will need to be removed before they pose a threat to you and your home. As long as there is enough room for a tree to fall into, it can be cut down in the standard manner.

However, when it comes to especially tall trees that are surrounded on all sides by structures, a more advanced approach is necessary.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

If a tree cannot be removed in the traditional manner, some tree removal services can use a crane to assist them. Since it is not possible to cut a tree that is in a confined space from the bottom, it is more convenient to start the removal process from the top. Working together, an arborist and a crane operator can remove a large tree quickly and safely.

However, in order to employ this method of removal, there must be enough space for the crane. Moreover, the ground upon which the crane rests needs to be completely level. Once the crane is suitably positioned, the crane operator and arborist will formulate a plan of action. From the top of the tree, the arborist cuts the branches, which are then carried safely away by the crane.

Piece by Piece Removal

As with crane-assisted removal, this method requires the arborist to cut the tree from the top. However, instead of relying on a crane, the arborist must rely on ropes and harnesses. Because of the dangers associated with this technique, only highly skilled arborists who are adept at climbing can carry out this form of tree removal.

Once the ropes and harness are secured, the arborist climbs up into the top of the tree. From there, they can remove the tree branch by branch. Since the removed branches and segments of the tree fall to the ground, the arborist needs to be skilled with the chainsaw. By cutting branches in a certain place, the arborist can control which way a cut branch will fall.

As you can see, even large trees in tight spaces can be removed. However, when searching for a tree removal service that offers the above methods of tree removal, look for a company that has a good track record. Removing a tree from top to bottom requires great skill and care due to the dangers involved.  


26 December 2017

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

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