How to Use Tree Services to Benefit Your Landscaping Design


When you call your local arborist or tree service professional, it probably is for cutting back your trees or removing a few trees from the property. If you do your own landscaping and gardening, or if you have a small urban farm, you can actually use other tree services to your advantage. Here are a few ways you can use your tree service option to help you with your landscaping and garden design.

Landscaping Timbers

A common issue for many homeowners is erosion or washing out of flower beds and landscaped areas due to heavy rains. A solution to this issue is to create a retaining wall of some kind. If you don't like the look of stone retaining walls, you can use weather sealed timbers. When you have your tree service cut back or cut down trees, you can ask them to leave the timbers or to cut the timbers. Some tree services may even offer lumber services that will use your trees to create suitable landscaping timbers.

Raised Garden Beds

In some areas, soil may be too hard or contain too much gravel to be useful for gardening. Using a raised garden bed is an ideal option to give you the depth you need in the garden and the soil quality you need for the plants to thrive. You can have your tree services company cut the trees into plants or posts that can be used to create your raised garden beds.  Remember, you will need to weather seal them if you choose this option.

Wood Mulch

A common service offered by many tree service companies is to mulch the wood as they remove it from the property. Depending on the amount of work you have done on the property, you could end up with a significant amount of mulch. You can use this mulch in garden beds, landscaping designs, for pet bedding, and for fire pits. If you want to make sure you use the tree to its full potential, this may be an ideal step towards that goal.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

If you have a large amount of debris from the trees, or if your tree service offers the option of turning your trees into lumber planks, you can create outdoor furniture. With plans from do-it-yourself books, sites, and other publications you can take the wood and turn it into everything from swings to small garden and tool sheds. This is another ideal method of using the trees that have provided years of beauty to give even more to your home and landscape.

These are a few of the methods you can use through your tree services company to benefit your landscape. If you have questions, ask your tree service provider for a list of the services they offer and go from there. For more information, contact a business such as Waratah Tree Services.


13 April 2015

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

Hi, my name is Christine. As a lifelong lover of the Shel Silverstein book "The Giving Tree," I have always been interested in the many different relationships one can have with a tree. I own a relatively large property with several trees, and I have worked hard to make those trees an essential part of my life. Some of my trees provide me with food, others provide me with energy-efficient shade that reduces my air conditioning bill and others create recreation opportunities for my kids in the form of treehouses or swings attached to the trees. Still other trees boost my property values just by being beautiful. If you want ideas about using your trees for fun, form and function, please explore this blog.