Tree Felling: Why Not to DIY


There are many reasons why you might want a tree in your home compound gone for good. The tree could be leaning dangerously towards your house or driveway, it could be a habitat for pests such as termites, or it could simply be on a spot where you plan to build something else. Whatever your reasons for needing to fell a tree are, just don't take the DIY route. Here's why.

Felling a tree needs technique

Although it may seem like all you need to remove your tree is an axe or saw, the process takes much more than that. Felling a tree requires technique which felling contractors have practiced over the years. For a proper fell, each tree needs precise cuts at specific positions. These tree felling cuts determine which way the tree falls. They also ensure that the tree falls in one piece without breaking up, something that could ruin the use of the resultant timber for construction.

Tree felling is a safety hazard

Often, when a tree is being cut along a driveway or public road, tree felling contractors will put up safety hazard signs to warn motorists or passersby. This is because a falling tree can cause great damage if not carried out the right way. On your own, you could fell the tree only to have it fall on a property, car or across a path. Tree felling contractors avoid this by cutting the tree to fall along a pre-planned direction. They also use special rigging ropes to cut down sections of a tree at a time if the area is congested and the tree cannot be felled in whole.

Felling a tree requires specialised equipment

Last but not least, felling a tree requires important equipment that you may not have at home. Apart from the common powered blades, tree felling contractors sometimes use other equipment to complete the job safely and quickly. Excavators, for example are sometimes used if tree logs need to be loaded onto trucks. Stump grinders are used to get rid of stubborn stumps. In other cases timber shredders are used to convert tree remains into mulch or fertiliser for easier disposal.

These pieces of equipment may not be readily available or affordable for a DIY tree removal. In addition, you may not know how to use them effectively for the job due to lack of experience.

For an easy time felling your tree, call contractors like Alstonville Tree Felling instead. Having them remove the tree will be cheaper than hiring the equipment yourself. The process will also take less time and avert safety hiccups that could occur with DIY felling.


16 April 2015

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

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