Benefits of Hiring a Professional Arborist


Numerous homeowners often pay too much attention to keeping what is inside their houses in good shape at the expense of neglecting what is found outside. Unfortunately, that is similar to the case when it comes to tree care; many people want to reap the most out of the benefits that trees bring to their landscaping but are willing to do little to keep the trees healthy. Trees can provide cool shade, especially during those sweltering days of summer, add beauty to your landscape, and even allow you to create more functional space in your compound by constructing a tree house. As you can probably see, the trees in your compound are assets that need maintenance and attention just like your house and car. Here are some of the advantages of having a professional arborist periodically take care of the trees.

Maintain the good health of your trees.

Professional arborists are certified and therefore well-versed in the science of proper tree care. They have studied about the diseases that may plague tree species planted in particular environments and can see the signs related to those diseases as well as provide effective treatments for the diseases. In addition, qualified arborists won't apply dubious methods, e.g., tree topping, that may be used to achieve quick results but that will affect the natural growth of your trees and also cause structural issues in the long run. Additionally, professional arborists often update themselves on the latest, most effective arboriculture practices and tree diseases as well as their treatments. This means that your trees will receive the best possible care required to keep them looking and staying healthy all year round.

Give damaged trees a new lease on life.

Because they grow outside your home, trees are often susceptible to damage by harsh elements of weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, and so forth. While totally nothing can be done to control the unpredictable weather patterns, an arborist can do something to prevent extensive damage from occurring to your trees when inclement weather strikes. Some strong winds, for example, may not tamper with tree sections that are high above the ground. Instead, these winds can exert so much force on the lower parts of the tree that the tree may tip over due to a weakened root system. In such a situation, an arborist may pack enough soil around the root system of the tipped tree to help it stand firmly and save it from possibly being removed.

Speak with a local arborist about the best options for the trees on your property.


22 December 2015

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

Hi, my name is Christine. As a lifelong lover of the Shel Silverstein book "The Giving Tree," I have always been interested in the many different relationships one can have with a tree. I own a relatively large property with several trees, and I have worked hard to make those trees an essential part of my life. Some of my trees provide me with food, others provide me with energy-efficient shade that reduces my air conditioning bill and others create recreation opportunities for my kids in the form of treehouses or swings attached to the trees. Still other trees boost my property values just by being beautiful. If you want ideas about using your trees for fun, form and function, please explore this blog.