How To Tell That A Certain Tree Removalist Is The Right Person For The Job


In the past, tree removal was the easiest job of all. Anyone with a saw and enough brawn could get the work done. However, that has changed a lot since then. Today, a tree removal is a delicate job where brains and skills trump over brawn. With that said, it is not as easy to distinguish people who say they can handle a tree removal from those who are right for the job. That is unless you know what to look for

The removalist is a certified arborist

A tree removal is not just about cutting a tree down and then removing it from the site. A lot of skill and technique goes into the job. Unfortunately, such skill is not just obtained, it is taught. Those taught to undertake tree removal operations under different conditions are called certified arborists. These are the people who understand the safest direction to fell a tree, how rampant the roots of a particular tree species are, and so forth.

The removalist weighs the risk of the job first

Before a tree removal can be undertaken, a skilled tree removalist will first undertake a thorough risk assessment. This is where they'll evaluate how tall a tree is, how much it weighs, which direction it is likely to fall, what condition the tree is, how the current winds will affect the felling, where the power lines are, which equipment is best for the job, etc. With this assessment, a removal process could go wrong on many levels, causing damage to property and injury to people.

They have the right equipment

Even with the right skills and title, a tree removalist also needs the right equipment for them to properly handle the job at hand. Today, tree removals require a number of specialised equipment. This includes pulleys which will be used to lower the tree trunk down piece by piece, power saws to undertake the cutting, cranes to do the heavy lifting, and much more.

They have the capacity to offer all the needed tree removal services

Lastly, a proper tree removalist needs to be in a position to offer all the needed tree removal services if you are to hire them. Tree cutting has lots of other related services. For one, you could want your tree stump ground down. In order to do this, the arborist needs to have a stump grinder machine. Other services that you might require include tree transplanting, timber mulching, etc.


9 August 2016

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