Three Considerations Before Selecting Landscape Tree Supplies for Your Yard


If you have an expansive yard and want to breathe some life into it, you may be planning to pay a visit to landscape tree suppliers to choose some trees for your property. Nonetheless, trees cannot be chosen at random. For the new trees to thrive, you need to plant the right species to suit your individual land. To help you with your decision, here are three considerations that you should have before selecting landscape tree supplies for your yard.

Consider your primary reason for the trees

Every individual will have their own unique reason for trees on their property. And it is this underlying desire for the trees that will guide your selection of plants for your yard. For instance, if you are intent on increasing the shade on your property, you should lean toward deciduous species of trees. Alternatively, if you are looking to enhance the privacy of your property perhaps due to being too close to your surrounding neighbours, you should choose trees with a thick canopy. Your landscaping tree supplier will show you an array of different types of species with distinct characteristics to suit your primary needs.

Consider the degree of illumination on your property

All types of trees require sunlight to photosynthesise and to subsequently receive nutrition. However, different types of tree species will require varying amounts of sunlight to thrive. Hence, the degree of illumination that your property receives will also be a deciding factor when choosing trees for your landscape. If your yard is shielded by buildings and only receives a few hours of sun during the day, then you should choose tree species that will be capable of surviving in this environment. On the other hand, if your yard is constantly bathed in sunlight, then you will have a wider variety of options available to you when selecting trees for your landscape.

Consider the fertility of the soil

One aspect of tree planting that a good number of property owners go wrong is choosing the wrong trees for their specific soil type. If you plant a tree that is not fertile enough to suit its nutritional needs, the tree is bound to die. Therefore, it is critical for you to determine the type of soil on your property before you can make a decision on which trees you want for your landscape. The landscape tree supplier will guide you on which trees will survive on saline soils and acidic soils and even what fertilisers will be needed it if is mandatory for you to make your soil more conducive for the plants.


28 June 2019

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

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