The Plants You Choose Create the Beautiful Garden You Want


Making your friends and visitors admire or envy your landscape starts with the type of plants you select. Garden plants have what it takes to make your landscape exceptional and enticing to every eye that meets it. However, most homeowners don't get the landscape they desire to have because they choose the wrong nursery plants. Getting the right garden plants requires you to consider some aspects to avoid wasting your money and time. Here is a guide for you when buying garden plants from a local wholesale nursery, especially if you are buying them for the first time:

Don't Underestimate Long-Term Maintenance

Think about the maintenance the plants require before you select them from the nursery. Talk to the landscape plant suppliers to know how you ought to maintain the plants after planting them. Let them guide you on the pruning, feeding and watering the plants on their nursery require. Choose plants with the natural ability to resist insects, diseases and drought. Low-care architectural plants and perennial plants are the best for someone who wants a low-maintenance garden. They produce less mess and require minimal irrigation.

Consider Texture

If you have had garden plants for some time now, you know that different species of plants have different textures. Think about the texture of the plants you intend to plant when designing the garden. The plants you select will determine the finished feel and look your garden will have. Texture has something to do with the size, shape and thickness of the leaves and foliage density of the plants. Choose plants with contrasting textures from the nursery if you want to get a striking garden. Combine plants with bulky thick leaves and those with thin leaves to get an eye-catching garden.

What's Your Climate?

Don't assume that every beautiful plant you find in a plant nursery will do well in your garden. The climate must be suitable for the species of the garden plants you buy. Most homeowners think about how nice the garden plants would look before finding out how suitable the climate would be. Your garden environment will determine how healthy the plants you buy will be. Find out the soil type, wind levels, drainage and slope and the amount of shade and sunlight your garden gets.

Now you have no reason not to get the garden or landscape you wanted to have. It's hard to get the wrong plants with the above points in your mind. Choosing the right plants is overwhelming to some people, and that's why it's advisable to seek help from the landscape plant suppliers when buying or selecting garden plants.


21 August 2019

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

Hi, my name is Christine. As a lifelong lover of the Shel Silverstein book "The Giving Tree," I have always been interested in the many different relationships one can have with a tree. I own a relatively large property with several trees, and I have worked hard to make those trees an essential part of my life. Some of my trees provide me with food, others provide me with energy-efficient shade that reduces my air conditioning bill and others create recreation opportunities for my kids in the form of treehouses or swings attached to the trees. Still other trees boost my property values just by being beautiful. If you want ideas about using your trees for fun, form and function, please explore this blog.