4 Reasons to Hire an Arborist to Assess Your Large, Mature Tree


A large tree can appear majestic and powerful in an urban environment. But even large trees may have weaknesses. These weaknesses can lead to branch failure, leaf die off and even the death of an entire tree. Unless you know what to look for, you won't know how to assess the health of your large tree.

But if a large tree drops a branch, dies or uproots and falls over, the results could catastrophic for the surrounding area. This is why hiring an arborist to assess your large tree from time to time is a good idea. An arborist can assess your tree in the following ways.

1. Check for diseases

There are many types of tree disease. Some diseases affect the roots, while others attack the leaves and branches as well as the trunk. Diseases gradually weaken trees. A weakened tree is a danger to its surroundings because weakened trees can uproot in storms or drop large branches. An arborist can identify diseases and then treat them before they become a serious issue.

2. Check for pest infestation

Some pests, like termites, aphids and emerald ash borers can damage and weaken trees. But if your tree is tall as well as large, you might not be able to spot these pests if they are high up. An arborist has the equipment and expertise to look for and exterminate these pests.

3. Check for weak or dead branches

Dead or weakened branches are a hazard because they can break and fall in windy or stormy weather. An arborist can check for and remove potentially dangerous branches before an accident occurs.

4. Check the root structure of your tree

The roots are one of the most important areas of a tree because they feed the tree and help to transport food around the tree. They also anchor trees into the ground. Large trees need very large root systems to provide adequate anchorage in the soil. An arborist can check the health of a tree's roots to make sure the roots are strong enough to hold a large tree in place.

Even if your large tree appears healthy, consider hiring an arborist to check its condition and that of any other trees you own from time to time. You can then ensure that your trees remain healthy, and you can deal with any potential issues before they endanger you or your property.


17 March 2021

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

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