Two Ways to Prepare for the Removal of Your Tree


Here are two ways to prepare for removing a tree.

Move your portable outdoor items and protect your non-portable items

Tree removal is a messy process that will lead to heavy branches falling off the tree as the arborist saws them off before taking down the trunk. Even if the tree is not in the immediate vicinity of any other objects, it's important to keep in mind that the wind speed and direction on removal day could result in its branches being blown farther than you might expect.

Because of this, you must move your portable outdoor items as far away from the tree as possible and try to protect your non-portable items. For example, if you normally park your car in your driveway that's a few metres from the tree, you should move this into your garage or park it on the street for the time it will take the arborist to finish their work. Likewise, you should remove any barbecue equipment and furniture from the area.

If you have flowerbeds near the trees, you should cover them up to ensure stems and petals don't get squashed by branches. It's important to use a solid type of cover (such as wooden crates) rather than some plastic sheeting, as the heavier falling branches will make this sheeting collapse and the plants underneath it will get damaged.

Consider what you'll need to do to the remaining stump

Standard tree removal does not usually include the extraction of the stump. If you've decided to leave this part of the tree, you'll need to decide how to deal with it. For example, if it's in the middle of your garden, you might want to purchase some mesh wire or a few timber slats and place them around the edges of the stump. This will make the stump more visible and prevent people from tripping over it when they're walking or running around the garden.

If you'd like to use the stump as an extra seat in your garden, you might want to ask the arborist to ensure that they make it as level as possible when slicing the last bit of the trunk off. This will mean you won't have to do much sanding to make it a functional seat. You should also get some varnish and coat the top of the stump before any wood-boring insects enter it and affect its stability. 

Contact a tree removal company for more information. 


22 September 2021

Using Your Trees for Fun, Form and Function

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