How To Tell That A Certain Tree Removalist Is The Right Person For The Job


In the past, tree removal was the easiest job of all. Anyone with a saw and enough brawn could get the work done. However, that has changed a lot since then. Today, a tree removal is a delicate job where brains and skills trump over brawn. With that said, it is not as easy to distinguish people who say they can handle a tree removal from those who are right for the job.

9 August 2016

Some Eco-Friendly Tree Removal Processes to Discuss With Your Contractor


Removing a tree from your property can impact the local environment more than you might think; trees hold moisture in the soil and provide shade so that other vegetation and your lawn don't get scorched by the sun. They also help to hold soil in place so there is less risk of soil erosion on your property. When you do need to have a tree removed, however, you might discuss some processes with your contractor that are more eco-friendly and which will result in less environmental impact overall.

9 June 2016

Thorn In Your Side: Removing Invasive Parkinsonia Trees From Your Land


It's well known that Australia ecosystem is at constant risk from a wide variety of invasive plant species, but while many people fear the encroachment of cane toads, feral hogs and other highly visible invaders, the threat posed by invasive tree species is less well publicised.  Parkinsonia aculeata, more commonly known simply as Parkinsonia, is one of these alien trees, and it can deal serious damage to both surrounding wildlife and any animals or humans that run afoul of its wickedly sharp thorns.

6 June 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Arborist


Numerous homeowners often pay too much attention to keeping what is inside their houses in good shape at the expense of neglecting what is found outside. Unfortunately, that is similar to the case when it comes to tree care; many people want to reap the most out of the benefits that trees bring to their landscaping but are willing to do little to keep the trees healthy. Trees can provide cool shade, especially during those sweltering days of summer, add beauty to your landscape, and even allow you to create more functional space in your compound by constructing a tree house.

22 December 2015

Don't Disease Your Trees: Keep Your Lopping Tools Clean And Sharp


Summer storm activity in Australia is not unusual, and this violent weather often leaves many damaged trees in its wake. You know you need to get outside and get your trees trimmed now, before they cause any damage to your home. However, did you know you could do more damage to your trees than any summer storm just by using dirty lopping tools? Dirty tools could disease your trees, so be mindful of these maintenance hints this summer.

1 December 2015

Heaven Can Wait: Why the Tree of Heaven Threatens Native Australian Ecosystems


It's no secret that Australia's native wildlife is under threat from hundreds of invasive species. The cane toads and rabbits are poster children for this infestation, but it's less well known that a large number of plant species have also invaded the country, putting fragile native ecosystems at grave risk. Some of these species are trees, trees that breed and spread quickly, sapping resources away from native plants and encroaching on their territory.

20 April 2015

Some Tips for Safely Felling a Tree


Many homeowners find that the cost of hiring a tree specialist to remove their tree is prohibitive. However, the cost reflects the amount of work needed, as well as ensuring things like liability insurance is in place. It is not impossible to fell a tree without hiring a specialist, and this article looks at some great tips to help you to do this. Use The Correct Equipment You should never take a trivial or leisurely attitude when felling a tree.

17 April 2015