The Benefits of Tree-Clearing Services: When to Hire Them


Trees add beauty and charm to any landscape, but at times, they can also become a nuisance. If you have overgrown trees that pose a safety hazard, then tree-clearing services may be necessary. But when should you call for professional help? This post will discuss the benefits of tree-clearing services and when it's time to hire them. Maintaining a Safe Environment One of the top reasons to consider hiring a tree-clearing service is to maintain a safe environment.

23 October 2023

4 Ways Professional Pruning Can Save Your Tree from Wind Damage


Many people assume that pruning is only carried out to improve the appearance of a tree, but the practical benefits are far more important. This is especially true if you live in an area that is frequently subjected to heavy winds. Though trees have evolved to withstand such conditions, extreme winds can still cause damage. Wind damage could be limited to a broken branch or two. However, more severe cases can see trunks snapped or whole trees toppled, especially when they have been recently planted.

13 April 2023

3 Ways a Tree Stump Can Impact the Health of Your Garden


For many homeowners, it can be tempting to leave tree stumps in the ground instead of dealing with the problem right away. After all, it might not seem like such an issue when you don't know how stumps can affect your garden. Far from being little more than a slight eyesore, a tree stump can actually cause considerable damage to the rest of your garden, which is just one reason why you should have a stump taken care of as soon as possible.

12 September 2022

Two Ways to Prepare for the Removal of Your Tree


Here are two ways to prepare for removing a tree. Move your portable outdoor items and protect your non-portable items Tree removal is a messy process that will lead to heavy branches falling off the tree as the arborist saws them off before taking down the trunk. Even if the tree is not in the immediate vicinity of any other objects, it's important to keep in mind that the wind speed and direction on removal day could result in its branches being blown farther than you might expect.

22 September 2021

4 Reasons to Hire an Arborist to Assess Your Large, Mature Tree


A large tree can appear majestic and powerful in an urban environment. But even large trees may have weaknesses. These weaknesses can lead to branch failure, leaf die off and even the death of an entire tree. Unless you know what to look for, you won't know how to assess the health of your large tree. But if a large tree drops a branch, dies or uproots and falls over, the results could catastrophic for the surrounding area.

17 March 2021

Know When It's a Tree Care Problem That You Can't Ignore


Having trees on your property means you have a responsibility to fulfil. You must trim your trees if you want to boost the safety and aesthetics of your property. Trees with too large, diseased or dead branches can fall at any time and cause serious injuries to your family members or even damage your home in a big way. Trimmed trees don't spread diseases to other trees. Here is how you can tell that an arborist should come and trim your trees:

13 December 2019

The Plants You Choose Create the Beautiful Garden You Want


Making your friends and visitors admire or envy your landscape starts with the type of plants you select. Garden plants have what it takes to make your landscape exceptional and enticing to every eye that meets it. However, most homeowners don't get the landscape they desire to have because they choose the wrong nursery plants. Getting the right garden plants requires you to consider some aspects to avoid wasting your money and time.

21 August 2019

Three Considerations Before Selecting Landscape Tree Supplies for Your Yard


If you have an expansive yard and want to breathe some life into it, you may be planning to pay a visit to landscape tree suppliers to choose some trees for your property. Nonetheless, trees cannot be chosen at random. For the new trees to thrive, you need to plant the right species to suit your individual land. To help you with your decision, here are three considerations that you should have before selecting landscape tree supplies for your yard.

28 June 2019

5 Important Qualities of a Reliable Tree Removal Company


A tree removal professional is responsible for cutting down trees, removing stumps and roots and clearing debris with minimal inconveniences.  When too close to the house, tree stumps and roots may damage your property by interfering with the structure. Therefore, you may need tree removal services to keep the branches at bay or even to get rid of the trees when they prove to be too dangerous. A professional tree removal company will not just cut or prune the trees upon request but advise you on the best possible course of action; therefore, you need to seek the services of a reliable tree removal company.

20 February 2019

Spotting a Sick Tree and Things You Can Do About It


Trees are living things, and like all living things, they can become unwell and die before their time. If any of your trees become unwell, it's important to take preventative action as soon as possible. Identifying and fixing a diseased or damaged tree within a timely fashion is very important. If left unchecked, the tree can easily fall or drop large branches, which have the potential to hurt you, your family and damage your property.

23 October 2018